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Safeguarding a child's/young person's future

For all children/young people with a statutory special educational needs/disability assessment and plan, the support and provision during their transition to adulthood and adult services should be seamless. This process involves a range of agencies and is supported by a planning period that commences when a young person reaches
14 years of age.


In this clip, Emma's mother, Ruth, talks about the future for her daughter. Listen out for Ruth's main concerns for Emma as she moves from school to adult services, and what the school is doing to address the transition.


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Preparing the ground
a teenage girl looks pensive as she sits
                  at the desk in her bedroom

Ruth is concerned about Emma's:

  • Ability to communicate with people she doesn't know;
  • Independence; and
  • Vulnerability and safety.

The school's post-16 programme is preparing Emma for when she leaves school.


Where a child/young person has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan, the review in Year 9 marks the beginning of an extended review process that continues through their remaining years in education up to the age of 25 years.


Following the review in Year 9, a transition plan is drawn up which is then reviewed alongside the EHC Plan at all subsequent reviews. This plan supports the young person in their transition to adulthood, through ongoing and post-school education.